Quiz and Exams

The application is built up as a QUIZZ divided into 20 different topics and subjects. It is divided into 4 categories where you choose the category most relevant to the level of exam you would want to take. There are noumerous questions on each of the categories, including hints if you need some small help with the solution, or also a full explanation if you need more info or a deeper explanation on the subject. Various references are maid to API Regulations

When you are confident with your level of knowledge and have covered the modules you need you can move on to the EXAM. The exam part is divided into Equipment and Procedures & Practices.

About Us

The author of this application is a certified WellControl instructor having held noumerous courses and practical exams on Well Control. He has more than 40 years experience from the drilling industry, both in operational engineering positions offshore as well from land drilling, and has many years experience from technical and administrational positions onshore. Although the questions and the problems presented in this app are based around the questions found in the Well Control exams for “Drillers” and “Supervisors”, there is no direct connection between the publisher of this application and IADC or IWCF.