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NOTE! NOTE!..: Current version is Metric, but API version (psi/ft) of KickDrill now also on the way!!

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This leading online Well Control training app was developed in response to a high demand for online tools. It comprehensively covers the topics taught in both IADC and IWCF Well Control courses. This user-friendly tool serves a dual purpose: It is essential for users aiming to complete their intense bi-yearly Well Control Certification, but it is also an invaluable learning resource for industry professionals seeking a good understanding of well control concepts and having a good lookup tool at hand.

The app provides clear explanations and visual illustrations related to well control topics. However, its core features lie in the quizzes and exams that allow users to test and keep up their well control knowledge. With coverage spanning 20 different well control subjects, this app is ideal for quick checks and practice while on the job. Additionally, it contains essential information such as rules, regulations, best practices, guidelines, and technical details relevant to well control work in the oilfield.

For a nominal annual fee, users can enjoy an ad-free experience and access all 20 subjects with hints and help, guiding you on the way. Whether you’re preparing for your next Well Control Certification exam or making critical decisions in real-world scenarios, this app equips you with the knowledge needed for success.

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You can download the KickDrill well control quiz app using links on this website or find it on Google Play or in App Store.
NOTE: The app is currently using the METRIC units BAR/Metre/Liter for numeric calculations. An API version (Psi/Ft/Gallon) may be launched later. However, some questions & answers have both units. Should you have comments on the questions or topics, or problems during registration, please send us a mail at contact@kickdrill.com. Feedback and contact with users are our no 1 drive for continuous improvement! Send us a mail; we will reply! contact@kickdrill.com

Choose Your Category

KickDrill’s well control quiz app has split the Well Control course topics into two; “Procedures & Practices” and “Equipment.” The P&P-related questions are divided into four sub-groups and can, in short, be described as “How and Why to do it and When,” whereas the Equipment part covers equipment used in Well Control.

As installations with subsea mounted BOP add some additional issues with regards to sub-sea control systems, riser margins, waterdepth, killsheets that includes long chokelines, etc., the Well Control Courses separates out these questions. Therefore, the surface categories will not contain any questions related to sub-sea mounted BOPs. On the other hand, should you require certification for sub-sea mounted BOP, you will also find most of the questions under the Surface category as “sub-sea” is more a combination of the two.

The split between “Driller” and “Supervisor” will be seen in that some of the questions under the Driller category may be more practically than theoretically oriented and vice versa. The following categories apply:

P&P Driller Surface

P&P Superv. Surface

Equipment Surface

P&P Driller

P&P Superv.


PRACTICE and EXAM sessions in the KICKDRILL Well Control Courses App

KickDrill well control training app is split into “Practice” and “Exam.” In the practice session, the questions are sorted under approx. 20 subjects. The user works his/hers way through the subjects one by one. With each question, follow possible answer options, and the user selects his choice until the correct alternative is chosen. Maybe the most valuable tool in this well control training app is all the explanations and text explaining the answers. Instead of just stating that the correct answer is “42”, the calculation, as well as the theory behind will also often follow, displayed by pressing the “help” button. In this way, the application is also a valuable learning tool. You can also press the “Hint” button, which will point you in the right direction for the answer. When confident (or at any time chosen), you may want to jump to “Exam,” which covers questions from most of or all the subjects but is sorted under the relevant Category (Eg. Exam for “Driller Surface”). The exam is timed, and a final score is achieved. This score goes into the statistics, which can be viewed (and also cleared) in retrospect for checking progress.

Learning Well Control through Practice and Exams with KICKDRILL Well Control Training Application

The topics are based on the subjects found in the syllabus from the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) issued in 2017. The content is, in general, also quite similar to the syllabus issued by IADC, as the topics are quite the same. Personnel taking exams issued by either of these organizations will therefore find useful and relevant material to work on. The user can jump to any topic and start working through the questions given for that topic. There are typically 20-40 questions per subject, with many of them being discussed and explained further so the user has a clear understanding of the question and its solution. In addition, there are also killsheet exercises where the user fills out a complete killsheet. These killsheets can be downloaded from the Killsheet page, where also a blank killsheet can be downloaded. Answers to all the exercises are off the course, also found in the KickDrill Online Well Control Training app. Another useful module is “Circulating out the Kick,” where the user follows a kick and interprets the data seen while being circulated out. The user will also go through the “Control system Faultfinding” module, where the user interprets various problems given.

The EXAM part of the KickDrill Online Well Control Training app picks a random selection of questions from most or all the subjects relating to that category. This means that a Driller taking a Surface Equipment exam (surface-mounted BOP) will only be asked Surface-related questions. The Driller questions may also be more practically oriented than questions aimed at Supervisors that have slightly more weight towards theories and calculations.